Western Union Quick Collect

The Advantages of Quick Collect

We believe it is important to provide a variety of payment options for students and their families.  In addition to accepting cash and checks at our service windows, and Net.Pay electronic payments via Quick Search and ZOTAccount Online, we also process Western Union Quick Collect payments.

Who may wish to use Quick Collect?  

UCI and Western Union have "teamed up" to provide you with a simple process for making guaranteed payments. Quick Collect is a fast and convenient way to deliver funds to the University -- especially on a deadline day! Within minutes of your completed payment transaction, Quick Collect delivers an electronic fund transfer notification to the Central Cashier's Office, saving you a trip to campus. Western Union charges a nominal service fee that typically is less expensive than the cost of overnight delivery.

International students wishing to make time-sensitive payments will find that Western Union is also available in most countries around the world.  Furthermore, your local currency is converted automatically into U.S. dollars, eliminating exchange rate problems, banking fees, and delays associated with foreign bank collections.

How To Use Quick Collect

  1. Locate the Western Union agent in your area by clicking "Find Agent Location" at the Western Union web site.  The location may be as close as your local supermarket or mailbox facility.
  2. Bring your CASH payment to the agent location of your choice during business hours.
  3. Obtain and complete a blue Quick Collect form.  To ensure that your payment is delivered to the Central Cashier as intended, it is essential that you fill out the form exactly as indicated below:

Payment Confirmation

You will receive a payment confirmation number and receipt from Western Union. Your payment notification will arrive at the Central Cashier electronically within minutes if you have completed the Quick Collect form as described above.  Notifications received during our regular window hours will be credited to your UCI account by the end of the business day; otherwise, your account will be credited on the following business day.  So save yourself the worry on payment deadline days and give Quick Collect a try!

***Remember, when paying registration fees, your payment must be received in the Central Cashier's Office on or before the deadline day to avoid late fees and/or the loss of your classes.***

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