Student Financial Matters at UCI

Important News About Paying Registration Fees

Registration fees are due on the 15th of the month (or the next working day if the 15th is a weekend or holiday).  It is our hope that a consistent deadline will make it easier for students to monitor and observe this critical date.  Failure to meet a fee payment deadline will result in the assessment of a $50.00 late service charge and classes will be dropped.  Postmarks are not considered.  Your payment must be physically or electronically received by the Central Cashier's by 4:30 PM on the deadline day.  For more information on upcoming registration fee deadlines, see the Academic and Administrative Calendars.

Welcome parents! We are sensitive to the fact that parents often conduct the financial business of their university students. We do our best to be helpful while acting within campus policies, and in accordance with state and federal regulations regarding what we can disclose to anyone other than the student. 

We've taken steps to provide students with convenient Web-based tools to get the information they need to remain in good financial standing, and the means to share it with their parents, but we are required to communicate directly with the student to provide any but the most general information. 

The following links provide information that parents often want to know. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this list of topics.

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Student Billing/Payments


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Other Resources/Helpful Links

Getting Started


Please be aware that state and federal privacy laws, as well as University policy, dictate access to a student's financial or personal information, and specify what UCI employees can disclose to others, including parents, without the student's written permission.

Convenient online systems are available to students to view financial information and to share it with parents and others who pay their registration expenses. Please review the FAQ section of ZOT Account Online for more information.

Students who wish to allow their financial information to be discussed with another individual (such as a parent), must print, complete, sign, and personally deliver a hard copy Authorization to Release Financial Information to Campus Billing Services.  Students must be prepared to show current picture identification (UCI student ID card, passport, or driver's license).

E-mail Communication/Address Updates

UCI uses a student's campus e-mail address for many official communications, including registration billings and important notices. Every student must activate a UCInetID and password after admission to UCI and submission of the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), and Statement of Legal Residence (SLR). Students should check and clear out e-mail messages routinely so that important information is not lost due to a full mail box.

It is very important to keep postal address information up to date for those occasions when written correspondence or mailing refund checks is necessary. Students may visit the Registrar's StudentAccess Web site to update address information online.


Academic and Administrative Calendars (Academic year and administrative holidays)

ZOT Bill Schedule (Dates and deadlines for payments)

The New Student Handbook provides tools and resources for new students.  Find deadlines and events on the handy calendar, or if you prefer, view and print your personal New Student Checklist.


Registration Fees and Nonresident Tuition

Registration fees and nonresident tuition are assessed each term based on the student's enrollment status: new/continuing, graduate/undergraduate, part-time/full-time, resident/nonresident, professional, or special program, and are billed via electronic ZOTBill approximately 45 days before the beginning of a term. These fees must be paid by the Fee Payment Deadline to ensure that enrolled classes will not be dropped, and to avoid late fees.

Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

The SIR is an advance deposit paid by an admitted student when she/he decides to attend UCI. On the student's ZOT Account Online, the SIR can be seen as a credit which may be applied to registration fees.  The SIR is nonrefundable.


Under certain circumstances, a student may be eligible for a waiver of all or part of the registration fees. The most common is the health insurance (SHIP) waiver, which is granted when the student is covered by private insurance equal to the University's mandatory health insurance. Other waivers are mandated by legislation or University policy, such as veterans' waivers, student/employee waivers, and various nonresident fee waivers. See Waivers and Exemptions for more information, including eligibility requirements.

Student Health and Insurance

UCI participates in the new University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). Billing for the plan is automatic, with fees for USHIP (undergraduates) or GSHIP (graduate students) included in each term's registration fees. A student who can demonstrate coverage by an insurance plan comparable to UC SHIP may apply for a waiver in his/her ZOTAccount.  Information about USHIP and GSHIP, and the health insurance waiver process is available from the Student Health Center.

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997

IRS Forms 1098-T (Tuition Payments Statement) are issued in January to UCI students through the Tax Credit Reporting Service (TCRS). As required by the Taxpayer Relief Act, payments and refunds of registration fees and lab charges, along with disbursements of certain types of financial assistance, are reported to the IRS. For most students, 1098-Ts are generated routinely in an annual process; however, international students may need to request forms from Campus Billing Services at Unless electronic delivery has been selected at TCRS, 1098-T forms are mailed to the student-designated permanent address.  Students may retrieve 1098-Ts for the current and previous tax years at the TCRS Web site. UCI's Financial Services Web page offers more information, as does the IRS.

Registration and Enrollment

Registration at UCI is a two-part process: enrollment in classes and payment of fees  Students may enroll in classes by logging into WebReg (UCINetID and password required).  The Registrar assesses fees each term and posts the registration and tuition amount to the Student Billing System for secure access by the student on ZOT Account Online.   

Tuition and fee amounts are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California.  The e-Tech fee amount for a term depends on the number of undergraduate lecture units in which the student is enrolled.  Students are instructed to view their ZOT Accounts for current balances. 

The Registrar's Office provides more information about registration and enrollment, and paying by the due date to avoid late penalties.

Students with financial aid or graduate aid must be enrolled in a minimum number of units (MRU requirement) before aid can be applied to fees. For a student with financial aid (e.g., grants, loans, and scholarships), the typical MRU to activate aid is 6 units, for graduate support (e.g., fellowships and employment-related fee remissions), the MRU is 1 unit.  If a student fails to meet the MRU threshold, aid will not be activated, and fees will not be paid automatically.  Other conditions may exist that affect a student's ability to pay fees and enroll, including past due debts and financial holds, and all conditions must be met to avoid having classes dropped.

Students should visit ZOT Account Online to verify that registration fees have been paid for the term, and they can verify enrollment at the Registrar's Office WebReg.

California Residence

University of California students must prove their California residence to avoid paying Nonresident Tuition. The Registrar's Office provides detailed information about residence classification, as well as an Online Statement of Legal Residence (SLR). Submission of the SLR is required before a new student is assigned a UCInetID, which is required to enroll in classes.

Reduced Fee Part-Time Study Program

Students may participate in a reduced fee part-time study program for reasons of occupation, family responsibilities, or health. Part-time status may be granted for an academic year with approval of the student’s academic counseling office (undergraduates), or the dean of Graduate Studies and the departmental advisor (graduate students). The Registrar's Office provides detailed information.

Student Record Holds

Occasionally a department places a hold on a student's academic record to ensure the student takes action on a particular issue, such as meeting with an academic counselor before enrolling in classes. This kind of restriction may prevent transactions such as enrollment in classes, payment of fees, and/or obtaining other University services. Students may view academic record holds in StudentAccess.

Student Academic Records

The Registrar's Office maintains a permanent record of academic work completed by each student. Students are responsible for carefully examining their enrollment and academic records and may do so throughout the academic year using StudentAccess. Students must promptly notify the Registrar's Office if they find a discrepancy in their records.

Student Billing/Payments


Students are billed electronically each month via ZOT Account Online for financial obligations to UCI. Registration and related charges, with applicable financial aid, payments, and other credits, may be viewed in the Current Account or in past statements ("Historical ZOTBills"). Each month, an e-mail is sent to students who have ZOTBill balances or activity, directing them to view current account information and to observe any special notices or instructions. The student's UCInetID and password must be activated to receive e-mail notices and to view ZOT Account Online information.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships recognizes that paying for the cost of a UCI education is a partnership among parents, students, and the University. The office is committed to providing a variety of resources and services to assist students and their families with financial aid funding including grants, scholarships, and loans. All eligible students and parents can receive some type of financial assistance, regardless of the family's income and assets.

You may contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at (949) 824-8262.

Financial aid, and payments made with aid, are displayed on ZOT Account Online.

Loan Services

Loan Services administers campus-based student loans and disburses the financial aid funds that are designated as pick-up checks. Campus-based loans include the Perkins Loan, University Loan, and other miscellaneous loan programs.

Loan Services maintains loan documentation (e.g., promissory notes, correspondence, etc.) for campus-based loans and is the contact point for their repayment. Federal Direct Loans are handled by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Loan Services is the liaison for the collection of long-term student loans once the student has left school.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews provide a means for students to receive essential information regarding their rights and responsibilities as student loan borrowers. Students who receive campus-based loans must complete an exit interview when their enrollment falls below half-time (excluding summers). This situation can occur when taking off a quarter or more from school, withdrawing, or transferring to another institution. Failure to complete an exit interview results in a hold being placed on the student's university records and services. The exit hold may prevent the student from obtaining transcripts or a diploma, or readmitting and registering at UCI. For more information, see Exit Interviews.

Making Payments/Fee Deadlines

State and federal laws and University policy  prevent campus departmental representatives from releasing any information regarding a student's account to anyone but the student without written authorization from the student.  If an Authorization to Release Financial Information is not on file, then the student must disclose the current ZOT Account balance to you. The student may forward his/her ZOTBill to you, or authorize Guest/Third-Party Access for ZOT Account Online.

The UCI Central Cashier accepts payments for registration and other student-related fees, transcript and enrollment verification requests, Housing contracts and rent, library fines, and most other miscellaneous bills for goods and services. Purchases of textbooks and supplies from The Hill (University bookstore), and payments for Parking permits and citations, should be directed to the cashiers at those locations.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

For your convenience, we accept the following payment types:

Fee Payment Deadlines

Students receive monthly e-mail notifications to view their ZOTBills online if they have a balance or activity on their accounts. The ZOTBill showing registration fees is available about a month in advance of the due date for registration fees and other charges. See the Academic and Administrative Calendars for the Fall, Winter, and Spring due dates (Fee Payment Deadlines) in September, December, and March, respectively.

If you are mailing registration fees for a UCI student, be sure to include your student's  ID number on the check front. Whether you are mailing a check or making an electronic payment, allow sufficient time for the payment to be received by the Central Cashier on or before the term's registration deadline.  Postmark dates do not apply, under any circumstances. Late payments incur late fees and may cause the student to lose class enrollment.

Registration Fee Payment Installment Plan

UCI offers PACE, a registration fee installment plan, to pay registration fees in three convenient installments during the term. Most students in good academic and financial standing at UCI may apply; contact Campus Billing Services for details.

Education Abroad Program (EAP)

UCI students participating in the Education Abroad Program pay their registration fees to the Universitywide Office of EAP for the terms in which they are studying abroad. UOEAP is located in Santa Barbara, not at UCI.  EAP has its own health insurance program, so participating students should not pay or waive out of the UCI health insurance fee. Be aware, however, that financial obligations and holds at UCI will prohibit payment of fees for EAP. All financial obligations and holds at UCI must be cleared before registration fees can be paid to UOEAP. For more information, see Fees & Enrollment at UCI and Health Insurance While Abroad in the Need to Know section for the Study Abroad Center..

EAP Reciprocal Exchange (International) students studying at UCI do not pay registration fees, but are responsible for paying or waiving out of the UCI health insurance fee. For more information, see Fees and Health Insurance.

Late Fees

A $50.00 late registration charge is assessed if registration fees are not paid by the fee payment deadline. An additional $50.00 late enrollment charge is assessed if a student is not enrolled in units by the end of the second week of instruction.  View the Academic and Administrative Calendars for applicable dates.

A $20.00 ZOT Late Charge is assessed monthly on past due unpaid ZOTBill balances totaling $20.00 or more, excluding registration fees and other late fees. Late fees are nonrefundable.

Lab Fees

Certain laboratory classes (indicated in the online Web Schedule of Classes) require additional fees to cover supplies and materials. Lab fees are billed via electronic ZOTBill based on the student's enrollment at the ends of the first and third weeks of instruction. Lab fees are nonrefundable, but in exceptional cases, the lab department may cancel or reverse a lab charge upon request.

Financial Obligations and Holds

Past due debts and financial holds placed by various departments negatively affect a student's ability to register and pay fees at UCI. Up-to-the-minute information is available to students on ZOT Account Online. Messages indicate if there is a hold or payment required and provide contact information to have the hold released.

Student Housing

Charges for student housing at UCI are posted in the student's ZOT Account by Student Housing.  Housing charges may be paid online (recommended), or in person at the Central Cashier.  For questions about housing rates and contracts, contact

Parking Permits and Citations

Parking charges are not included on the ZOTBill.  Various forms of payment are accepted, whether you wish to pay in person, by mail, or online.  For more information, see the Permits and Citations sections of the Transportation and Distribution Services web site.

Miscellaneous Charges

Certain charges not related to registration, such as library fines, student health and tutoring bills, returned check invoices, and other, similar charges for campus goods or services are posted on a student's ZOT Account. Students who are no longer enrolled may have charges transferred to the Accounts Receivable/Collections (AR/C) system for long-term account monitoring and/or special payment arrangements.

Students can view AR/C bills on Quick Search, using their UCInetIDs and passwords. If a past-due AR/C bill affects the ability to pay for registration, a message will appear on ZOT Account Online, and the student will be directed to Quick Search to see details. Students can pay both the ZOT Account amount due and the AR/C balance electronically from Quick Search. If you try to make an electronic payment for your student while there is an AR/C hold for a past-due debt, you will also be able to see the details in Quick Search and to pay the entire amount due.

Campus Billing Services is the information liaison for both ZOTBill and AR/C questions, and can be reached at (949) UCI-BILL (824-2455) or at


When a refund is due on a student account, it is issued directly to the student (regardless of who made the payment), unless the payment was made with financial aid funds, in which case, the refund is credited to the appropriate financial aid source. Please refer to Privacy in this document.

Refunds for Student ZOT Account Credit Balances

When an account shows a credit balance after adjustments resulting from an increase in aid, changes to registration status, late waivers, official withdrawal from the University, or other adjustments, a refund is issued automatically, after all student aid and University obligations are satisfied. The refund is disbursed electronically or by mail.

Refunds for Cancellation/Withdrawal from School

The amount refunded is based on the effective date of the Cancellation/Withdrawal (usually the date the form is submitted to the Registrar's Office approved by the appropriate Dean or the Ombudsman). For most students, refunds are granted only through the 35th calendar day of the term. Not all fees are refundable. The Registrar's Office provides more information.

Withdrawing students who received loans must perform an exit interview through Loan Services; failure to do so may hold up any refunds due to the student.  For questions regarding the exit interview process, contact Loan Services at (949) 824-7081 or  If you have already left UCI and have questions about your loans, you may view your account or contact the University's loan billing service, ACS, Inc., through their website at

Health insurance refunds are granted for cancellation only. Cancellation occurs when the student submits a completed and signed Cancellation/Withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office before the official term begin date (see the Academic and Administrative Calendars). Students who withdraw after the official term begin date are not eligible for a Health Insurance Fee refund and remain insured for the duration of the term -- even though they are not attending UC Irvine, and regardless of where they live.

Any student receiving financial aid and contemplating withdrawing from UCI should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at (949) 824-6261 to speak with a financial aid counselor concerning the financial ramifications of withdrawing.

Refunds for Other Goods and Services

Refunds for other goods and services (e.g., textbooks purchased from The Hill) must be obtained from the department which provided them.

Other Resources and Helpful Links (in alphabetical order)

Academic Counseling

Upon admission to the University, every undergraduate student is assigned to the school or program that offers the student's selected major, or to the Division of Undergraduate Education if the student's major is undecided/undeclared. Before enrolling in classes, students should talk to an academic counselor to develop an academic plan for course enrollment.

Jurisdiction over all questions of academic regulations and academic standing rests with the counseling office of the school to which a student is assigned, or in the case of undecided/undeclared majors, with the Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education. Each academic unit provides academic advising for its students and when a Dean's signature is necessary, academic advisors can sign for the Dean of their school, process change of major petitions, and other petitions. Students are responsible for knowing the governing regulations of the school or program to which they are assigned.


The Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools (OARS) offers assistance and provides important information regarding filing dates, general admissions, and selection requirements to prospective and newly admitted students. Once admitted to UCI, students must submit a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and a nonrefundable $100 Acceptance of Admission fee. For personalized messages and information, click on the MyAdmissionsApplication@UCI button at the OARS site.


The Hill is a retail store located in the Student Center.  Students may buy or rent books and e-books, and purchase course materials, supplies, and apparel. Cash, checks, and various credit cards are accepted.  Returns, refunds, and textbook buy-backs must be handled at the store.  Purchases from The Hill do not appear on ZOT Account Online.   

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students links students to programs and resource centers concerned with orientation and the enrichment of campus life. It also provides a guide to more than 250 clubs and organizations registered at UCI. This site includes official campus policies and procedures for students and organizations.

Disability Services Center

The Disability Services Center provides and coordinates support services and programs that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential. The DSC serves as a resource for the entire University community, so students with disabilities can freely and actively participate in all facets of University life. Various forms and publications are available online to assist students.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provides tips and information for obtaining financial assistance at UCI. Their Web page discusses the cost of attending UCI, applying for financial aid, eligibility requirements, required documents, and important deadlines.

Financial Services

The Financial Services department includes Campus Billing Services (for ZOT Account information), the Central Cashier (for making payments), and Loan Services (for campus-based loan administration and counseling). Additional information about these units, and the services they provide, may be found at the Financial Services site.

Graduate Division

The Graduate Division web site has information about graduate admissions, enrollment, and advising. You can also learn about opportunities for assistantships, fellowships, and other forms of graduate funding.


UCI's Student Housing site invites you to explore options for on- and off-campus housing, as well as residential dining. In addition to maps and floor plans, you will find essential information about housing rates, contracts, and rental agreements at the site.

New Student Web Page

The New Student Handbook is a good resource for students about to begin their UCI experience. An online personalized New Student Checklist provides important tips and information on deadlines, enrollment, and paying registration fees.


The Ombudsman is a confidential, neutral, and informal resource to help students solve problems that affect their University life. The office discusses options, mediates disputes, discusses University policy, makes referrals, and helps provide support and information on how UCI works. The Ombudsman cannot address issues that are already in a formal process, such as disciplinary action, formal complaints or grievance hearings, union and/or arbitration hearings.

Contact the Ombudsman at (949) 824-7256.

Parking and Transportation

Parking and Transportation Services offers information on parking permits, alternative transportation (including walking/biking, shuttles, trains, Orange County Transportation Authority buses, vanpools, and carpools), construction-related delays and parking issues, citations, policies, and regulations.

Police / Emergency

For emergency assistance, dial 9-1-1. For non-emergency assistance, call the UCI Police at (949) 824-5223. The UCI Police Web site has information on crime statistics and campus area alerts.

In the event of a disaster or local emergency, campus information may be obtained by visiting Today@UCI.


The Office of the Registrar is an essential resource for registration and enrollment information, calendars, the Schedule of Classes, residency, enrollment verifications, transcripts, and policies affecting students. Students can access their student records via the Web with StudentAccess at this site.

Summer Session

Summer Session registration is handled on a pay-as-you-go basis and credit cards are accepted by the Summer Sessions office during online enrollment.  Students with a balance due for Summer Session can view their account and make an online payment on ZOT Account Online.

Veterans' Student Services

The Veteran Student Services Office provides veterans, reservists, and their dependents with assistance in obtaining the educational benefits to which they are entitled.

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